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Itís how you connect with them

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Case Study - Featured Client

Case Study - Antz Pantz IT Girl

Holeproof AntzPantz
"PressConnect - what's next? The cover of Vogue?"
PressConnect was skillfully used by the communications agency in charge of the hugely succesful Holeproof Antz Pantz "IT Girl" Model Search campaign... learn more.

PressConnect 5.2 Features

PressConnect 5.2 Features

Distribute information to your contacts, track and report on those reading your material. Learn how many people opened your communication through to how many they forwarded it on to, even what links they clicked within the email... learn more.

What our clients say ...

"The detailed stats I get from PressConnect make me look SO good to my clients. I just can't live without them now - the follow-up lists have halved my workload and tripled my conversions."
Leading Public Relations Professional

What our clients say ...

"We keep in more regular contact with our clients - and get more business as a result, it's as simple as that."
Catering Company

What's new ...

PressConnect Launched
24 November 2005

The PressConnect site has been launched! Be sure to check back for regular updates on the PressConnect service.