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Holeproof AntzPantz
"PressConnect - what's next? The cover of Vogue?" - PressConnect was skillfully used by the communications agency in charge of the hugely succesful Holeproof Antz Pantz "IT Girl" Model Search campaign... learn more.

What our clients say ...

"We keep in more regular contact with our clients - and get more business as a result, it's as simple as that."
Catering Company

What our clients say ...

"Stats, stats and more stats! I love it - I can get what I need when I need it with secure access to my campaigns 24/7."
Marketing Manager

What our clients say ...

"If we send 10 emails or 10,000 emails, to various databases of contacts and customers - we can keep track of everything at a glance."
Communications Director

About PressConnect 5.2

PressConnect is a powerful online delivery tool used by people who want to share important information.

It currently helps people deliver:

Plus many more too numerous to mention - don't let our meagre list limit you - be inspired!

Current pressconnector's include PR and Communications Professionals, Media Outlets and a whole heap of small to medium sized businesses who want to stay in touch with their customers.

Many larger organisations are also experiencing the benefits of using pressconnect, especially useful for communicating important updates or announcements which require confirmation and follow up activities.


pressconnect allows you to distribute your information to your contacts, and track and report on those reading your material - from how many people opened your communication through to how many they forwarded it on to, and even what links they clicked through to within your email.

The pressconnect system is also a data mining gem - allowing targeted audience segmentation and relevant follow up information to be easily sent to interested contacts - all at the click of a button.


PR Consultants use the “Link Click-Through” reporting feature to help them follow-up interested journalists about various stories they are promoting. Being provided with a comprehensive list of “hot contacts” after a mailout cuts their follow up time in half, saving valuable time and providing measurable success. Immediate downloading of high-res images also saves money and time creating Image CD’s and Media Kit packs.

You are also provided with secure online log-ins to your campaign hub for easy access to real time reporting and extensive tracking on your campaigns - it’s all at your fingertips, just press connect!

Full Service or Do-it-Yourself Options are readily available. Both methods are efficient and economical, and we can help you decide which is the right method for you based on your requirements.

Getting started is simple. Contact us today on 1300 AUGUST (that’s 1300 28 48 78) or via our contact form to discuss your requirements.

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